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A new study published today (Friday 25 April 2014), which calls for Europe to cut its meat consumption in half, has been welcomed by Friends of the Earth. The environment charity’s youth network has recently launched Meat Free May, which challenges the public to give up meat for one month.

Friends of the Earth Food Campaigner Vicki Hird, said:

“We are asking people to leave meat off their plates for a month as a fun challenge – the hope is that once they see how easy it is to change their diets, they’ll continue to eat less meat permanently.

“Eating less but better meat would be good news for the benefit of our health and environment.”

Friends of the Earth is supporting Meat Free May as almost 15 percent of all greenhouse gases emitted every year globally come from meat production.

Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up to Meat Free May. Once signed up, participants receive helpful support packs with information on meal planning, nutrition, and delicious recipes; as well as background information on the environmental, health and social impacts of livestock production and overfishing.


Notes to Editors

  1. For more information about the report, please see here:
  2. For more information about Meat Fee May, please see:
  3. Young Friends of the Earth is environment charity Friends of the Earth’s network for young supporters. For more information about them please see here:  
  4. Friends of the Earth Executive Director Andy Atkins blogged about his experience of a meat free month here: and here:
  5. You can learn more about the environment, health and social impacts of livestock production here: and overfishing here:
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