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Commenting on reports today that David Cameron could make a manifesto pledge to curb onshore wind farms, Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy campaigner Alasdair Cameron said:
“Onshore wind is a cheap and popular way of generating clean energy.
“It’s interesting that the people most opposed to it are often also those banging the drum for fracking, which will have a far greater impact on the environment and release millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases.
“Instead of trying to appease a minority of his party, Cameron should be formulating a national energy policy that balances security, cost and decarbonisation.
“For onshore wind, that means improving planning processes and increasing community ownership to help spur more and better developments.”


Notes to editors

  1. Friends of the Earth is developing a Low Carbon network of more than 1000 low-carbon businesses around the UK, many of which are in the onshore wind industry and would be affected by a curb. 


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