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Defra’s newly updated figures challenge the Prime Minister and Environment Secretary’s recent claims on flood defence spending.

Both David Cameron and Owen Paterson have repeatedly claimed that the Government is spending more than the previous. But following Friends of the Earth’s questioning of their interpretation of the figures, the correction from Defra reveals the cuts made by the current Government. 
Friends of the Earth Climate Campaigner Guy Shrubsole said:
“Defra’s corrected figures are humiliating for both Paterson and Cameron who have been trumpeting how the Government has increased spending on flood defences when the reality is that the budget’s been cut.

“The new figures raise difficult questions about the misleading information that the Prime Minister and Environment Secretary have provided to soothe both Parliament and the public.

“With millions of homes and business at risk from flooding they need to increase the budget and tackle the causes of climate change, which will increase the likelihood of more flooding.”


Notes to editors: 
1.    Defra’s updated and corrected flood defence budget figures can be found here.

2.    Friends of the Earth Climate Campaigner Guy Shrubsole’s blog discusses the new revelations.

3.    Details of quotes from both Owen Paterson and Prime Minister can be found here.

4.    Previous analysis of the flood defence figures can be found here.

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