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Green policies offer the only hope of stabilizing power bills by weaning the country off oil and gas, new analysis by Friends of the Earth shows ahead of the Government Electricity Market Reform announcement today  (Tuesday 12 July). 

The new figures show that if oil prices rise to $150 in 2020 – likely considering oil currently trades at $120 a barrel - even the low level of green ambition the Government is currently proposing will leave the average consumer better off overall. Large-scale action to encourage investment in clean energy and energy saving could save consumers hundreds of pounds a year.

Friends of the Earth is calling for the Government’s Electricity Market Reform White Paper to deliver proper investment in clean power and energy saving to tackle the rocketing power bills already putting a huge strain on household budgets.

Paul Steedman, Friends of the Earth’s energy campaigner, said:

“Our energy system is broken - rocketing fossil fuel prices have us all over a barrel and our nuclear power stations need endless public cash injections.   

“But the Government’s plans seem set to pander to the dirty energy companies holding consumers to ransom with sky-high power bills.

“Experts say that if we don’t invest in clean energy and cut our energy use now our bills could keep on rising with no end in sight.

“This is the opportunity to put power back in the hands of the people – not just the six big energy companies – and to unleash the power of the UK’s wind, waves, tides and sun.

“The Government’s plans must help insulate homes, get new companies to invest in renewable energy and support communities to generate their own power.”


Notes to editors

1.    The Government’s Electricity Market Reform White Paper is set to be announced this afternoon

2.    New analysis on the impact of green policies.

3.    Friends of the Earth’s briefing on the Electricity Market Reform.

4.    Friends of the Earth is also calling on the Government to take action in the Energy Bill currently going through Parliament to ensure all councils have a climate change strategy, bring forward to 2016 the proposed minimum energy efficiency standard for rented homes and ensure the UK has a compressive energy efficiency strategy which is sufficient to meet carbon targets and end fuel poverty.

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