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Reacting to the new estimates for shale oil in the Weald Basin and to Government proposals for community payments while removing peoples’ rights to object to fracking, Friends of the Earth’s Energy and Climate Change Campaigner, Tony Bosworth said:

“Today’s cynically-timed announcements show that the Government is prepared to risk the environment and remove peoples’ rights in order to root out more of the filthy fossil fuels that are causing climate change.

“The Tory heartlands of South East of England will now be in the crosshairs of fracking firms, with their task made easier as the Government caves in to their demands and removes peoples’ ability to object to fracking beneath their property.

“The compensation being talked about will mean little to communities that have fracking imposed on them.

“Lord Howell was right to point out that this risks costing thousands of Tory votes, at a time when their support is already waning.

“Giving proper support to renewables and energy efficiency is the only way to ensure that the lights stay on and ensure that the UK meets its commitments to reduce pollution from fossil fuels.”


Notes to editors

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