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Commenting on the findings of a report released by shale gas firm Cuadrilla Resources today (Wednesday 2 November 2011), revealing that it is "highly probable" that the company's fracking activity in Lancashire triggered earth tremors near Blackpool earlier this year, Friends of the Earth's Senior Climate Campaigner Tony Bosworth said:

"This report shows fracking for shale gas caused earth tremors in Lancashire - experience in the US shows it could also pollute air and water supplies.

"Extracting shale gas would suck vital funding away from clean and safe energy alternatives that could create thousands more UK jobs.

"An early seismic detection system won't be enough to make local people feel safe - there should be no more fracking in Britain until the health and environmental impacts are fully understood."


Notes to editors:

1.      Click here for the full report commissioned by Cuadrilla Resources. 

2.      Friends of the Earth has a new short film on why we should say 'No' to Fracking in the Ribble Valley and across England.  

3.      Friends of the Earth’s briefing ‘Shale gas: energy solution or fracking hell?’ provides more information.

4.       In September Friends of the Earth responded to another report from Cuadrilla Resources which claimed fracking could provide thousands of jobs.

5.       The Energy and Climate Change Committee of MPs acknowledged safety concerns with fracking earlier this year.

6.      Cuadrilla's shale gas exploration near Blackpool had to be halted earlier this year amid concerns they were causing tremors.

7.      Friends of the Earth research shows that a green energy revolution is needed to stabilise energy bills in the long run.

8.      Earlier this month Friends of the Earth launched its new campaign, Final Demand, calling for a public inquiry into the Big Six energy companies and a fair energy system. The giant energy companies are making huge profits by keeping us hooked on expensive fossil fuels. The campaign is asking people to sign its petition to David Cameron.

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