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Responding to research published today (Monday 14 April 2014) by the Treasury, that claims stopping fuel duty rises will boost the economy by up to £7.5 billion over 20 years, Friend of the Earth Economics Campaigner David Powell said:

“The Treasury’s model of the UK economy imagines away carbon emissions and air pollution. Treasury is only interested in the things it can attach quick and easy GDP figures to – the modelling has nothing about, for example, children dying from polluted air.

“The Treasury must not use economic modelling as a political weapon by focusing just on the bits of the picture it wants people to see while ignoring the damage its polices might cause to people and our environment.

“Economic models have to be used responsibly with their many limitations clearly set out. The new report from the IPCC points out that the costs of the climate change we’re headed for, of over four degrees, are probably incalculable.”


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