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G20 nations have “short-changed” people and the planet by doing far too little to tackle the threat of catastrophic climate change at their summit in London today, Friends of the Earth warned today.

Friends of the Earth's Executive Director Andy Atkins said:

“Once again world leaders have short-changed people and the planet."

“The economic system and the global environment are on a devastating collision course – but despite pledging to build an inclusive, green and sustainable recovery little has been done to change direction."

“The world must seize the huge benefits of investing in green technologies and energy systems – this will slash emissions and create millions of new jobs around the world."

“The financial system must be urgently overhauled to prioritise the urgent need to develop a low-carbon future - and avoid a massive bill to deal with the devastating consequences of unchecked climate change later on."

“The UN climate talks in Copenhagen later this year are crucial. Rich nations must take a lead by rapidly cutting their emissions and pledging new money to the developing world to help them deal with the impacts of global warming.”


1. Friends of the Earth called on the G20 to:

  • Fundamentally change the way the global economy works, lay the foundations for a cleaner, greener future, and stop propping up an economic system addicted to unsustainable growth and dirty fossil fuels.
  • Ensure that any new spending plans radically increase investment in renewable energy across the world, creating millions of jobs, and enabling clean energy access globally.
  • Recognise that industrialised countries in the G20 must also agree to release billions of dollars of new money, through the UN, to enable developing countries to develop in a clean, green way and cope with the storms, droughts, famine and floods caused by climate change.
  • Take steps to prevent discredited global institutions like the World Bank from playing a role in leading the planet towards a low-carbon future.
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Published by Friends of the Earth Trust