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Commenting on the report today [Friday 14 March 2014] from the Council for Science and Technology recommending a new programme of independent research to field test GM crops, Friends of the Earth’s Senior Food Campaigner Vicki Hird said:

“GM crops have been hugely over-hyped. Despite decades of research they have failed to deliver the benefits they have promised - and have been an expensive distraction from real solutions to the challenges we face.

“Our food production system needs a radical overhaul to ensure everyone has access to healthy, affordable food that doesn’t wreck the planet - but putting more power into the hands of multi-nationals is not the answer.”

Friends of the Earth is calling for:

• The problem of food distribution to be tackled to ensure everyone has their fair share. Too much food is either wasted, or fed to livestock.

• Farming practices to be less - not more – intensive. We must end farming’s reliance on massive chemical inputs that are causing so much damage to our natural environment.

• People in the UK to play their part by switching to more sustainable diets, including eating less and better quality meat.

• An end to food crops being used for biofuels.


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1. Friends of the Earth briefing on food production and GM crops:

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