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Responding to Professor John Beddington's speech to the Oxford Farming Conference today, Friends of the Earth’s food campaigner, Helen Rimmer, said

"The dangerous obsession with GM crops must end.

“The most comprehensive farming report ever conducted found no conclusive evidence that GM increases yields and called for a move away from damaging industrial farming.

“The majority of GM crops are grown for animal feed, many on massive plantations that have replaced South American rainforests.

“GM crops don’t feed the world - they simply make record profits for the big businesses that sell the patented seeds and chemicals needed to grow them.

"The Government must stop listening to biotech industry propaganda and start backing the kind of production that will future-proof our food supplies – planet-friendly farms where animals can graze and feed on locally-grown food."


Notes to Editors

1. In 2008 a UN International Assessment of Agriculture (IAASTD), carried out by 400 scientists and endorsed by 60 countries found no conclusive evidence that GM crops increase crop yields. It concluded that although the green revolution had increased crop yields, this had come at an unacceptable environmental and social cost, degrading soils, contributing to climate change and failing the world's poor. The biotechnology industry pulled out of the process when it became clear that the report would not endorse GM crops. The report stated that "business as usual is not an option" and that science and technology must be combined with traditional knowledge, working with communities on localised farming solutions

2. Friends of the Earth is calling on the Government to fix the food chain by spening public money on planet-friendly farming

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