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Commenting on an announcement by the Department of Energy and Climate Change today (Wednesday 23 April 2014) unveiling eight major renewable electricity projects, Friends of the Earth Energy Campaigner Alasdair Cameron said:
“With the crisis in Ukraine focusing minds on UK energy security it’s good that the Government recognises renewable energy to be our best, and most available, solution.
“These projects will attract billions of pounds of investment and provide thousands of new jobs, but the potential is huge and there’s a lot more to play for – we’ve got some of the best wind, wave and tidal resources worldwide.
“The Government must prioritise cutting energy waste and further increasing renewable power, and abandon its reckless pursuit of fracking – which is dirty, unpopular and will not deliver for years. 
“But we need to be wary of false solutions – burning some kinds of biomass on an industrial scale risks destroying forests and could be even worse for the climate than coal.”
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