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Commenting on the publication today (Tuesday 11 March 2014) of the second State of Natural Capital report, by the Natural Capital Committee, which calls on business and Government to change the way they treat the natural environment and use of resources, Friends of the Earth Nature Campaigner, Sandra Bell, said:

“This is a really important report that mustn’t be ignored.

"But valuing our natural world means more than simply pricing it up – it’s fundamental to our future well-being, and far more must be done to protect it.

"After the devastating floods that recently swamped Britain we should think hard about how working with nature could help us in the future. We will be safer if we look after our rivers, maintain our moorlands and leave our peat bogs intact.

“Ministers must also strengthen their draft action plan to protect our bees - and the vital pollination role they perform in our fields, gardens and countryside.”

Notes to editors:

1. The Natural Capital Committee's second State of Natural Capital report:
2. The Government’s draft National Pollinator Strategy was published on Thursday 6 March 2014. Friends of the Earth says it must be strengthened considerably if it is to protect bees and other threatened pollinators:
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