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Commenting ahead of a Government solar review expected later this week, Friends of the Earth Energy Campaigner Alasdair Cameron said:
“Solar is on target to be one of the cheapest, cleanest and most popular forms of energy in the UK, but Government support is essential to ensure it delivers.

“Ministers have constantly underestimated solar power, and failed to grasp its potential.

“Financial support for solar has already fallen, and any further reductions should only be carried out in a planned way as costs drop.  But suddenly pulling the rug out from under a popular growing clean energy industry makes no sense, and would put thousands of jobs at risk.
“Ministers should be looking to support the best large-scale solar projects - that can also boost biodiversity - and do far more to promote local ownership.”


Notes to editors:
1.  The Solar Trade Association (STA) expects solar RO announcement tomorrow (Tuesday)
2.  Solar farm subsidies to be cut | Guardian:
3.  According to a DECC survey published last month, 80% of the public support renewable power, while only 29% back fracking:
4.  Friends of the Earth’s new Schools Run On Sun campaign aims to make it easier for schools to install solar panels and save thousands of pounds through clean energy. Research shows schools could save up to £8,000 per year with solar panels – more money to spend on other things. But many schools struggle to afford the upfront costs of solar panels, which is why Friends of the Earth is calling on the Government to allow schools to borrow funds. Solar schools are the first step in making better use of clean energy right across our towns and neighbourhoods. For more information and to help schools go solar, visit

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