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Governments around the world must stand up to the fossil fuel industry if we’re to avoid catastrophic climate change, warns Friends of the Earth ahead of a key UN scientific report, published on Monday [31 March], which is expected to highlight the devastating impacts of climate change on people and the planet.

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment, Working Group 2 report is expected to paint a bleak picture about the impacts of climate change on food production, ecosystems, resources - such as water - and human health.

The report is also likely to emphasise that some of the effects of climate change are already being felt, particularly by the poorest in the world who have done least to cause the damage – and warn about the anticipated severe impacts if we fail to act.
Friends of the Earth’s Executive Director, Andy Atkins said:
“We face a bleak future if the world continues to ignore the grim scientific warnings of our failure to tackle global warming.

“Droughts, floods and famines are just some of the devastating effects that people around the world are already suffering from more frequent extreme weather – and, unless we take urgent measure, it will get far worse.

“We have the ability to build a cleaner, safer future, but our leaders lack the courage to act.

“Politicians must break our dependency on coal, gas and oil – and stand up to the fossil fuel industry which is powering the planet towards catastrophic climate change.”

In exclusive interviews for Friends of the Earth – see below - leading climate scientist Professor Kevin Anderson suggests carbon pollution from cars and fridges could fall 50-80% within 10 years if governments got tough on manufacturers. And Philippines climate negotiator Yeb Sano says winning the battle against climate change is a battle of hearts and minds given the scale of change required is as great as the industrial revolution.

Notes to editors:
1.   The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a UN body tasked with producing five yearly updates of knowledge on the scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects of climate change. It has three scientific working groups each producing and publishing a detailed report.
2.   The first group Working Group 1, The Physical Science Basis (WG1) published its report in September 2013. A Friends of the Earth summary of its findings is available here:

3.   A Friends of the Earth briefing on the IPCC  WG2 report (impacts) , which is due out on Monday 31 March 2014 is available here:

4.   A third IPCC report , WG3 on mitigation is due out on Sunday 13 April 2014.  A Friends of the Earth briefing is here:

5.   A summary of information on climate change, including filmed interviews with Leading climate scientist Professor  Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre and Yeb Sano, Philippines climate change negotiator is available here:

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