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Commenting on Cuadrilla’s plans, unveiled today (Tuesday 4 February 2014) to frack for shale gas at two sites in Lancashire, Friends of the Earth’s north west campaigner, Helen Rimmer said:

“These plans will be met by stiff opposition from local people rightly concerned about having the UK's first attempted multiple-well fracking operation under their feet.

“Cuadrilla claims to be a good neighbour, but it still hasn’t cleared up the mess from the botched fracking operation that caused earth tremors only a couple of miles from one of the proposed sites.

“Despite David Cameron’s gung-ho approach, opposition to shale gas is rising - and will grow further as more communities are faced with the fracking threat.

“Fracking isn’t the answer to our energy problems. Experts say it will do little to tackle climate change - and even Cuadrilla has said it won’t cut energy bills.

“Lancashire can be at the heart of the UK’s energy future, but it must be based on energy efficiency and renewable power, not more dirty fossil fuels.”


Notes to editors:

1. Cuadrilla news release

1.  Cuadrilla's fracking operation at Preese Hall, Weeton, caused earth tremors in April and May 2011. Despite a deadline from Lancashire County Council of December 2013 the company have still to restore the site and put in place adequate monitoring.

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