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Commenting on today’s Government announcement giving the go-ahead for a massive expansion of offshore wind power, Friends of the Earth’s energy campaigner Nick Rau said:
“At last the Government is starting to recognise the enormous potential of the UK’s offshore wind power and its crucial role in slashing emissions and securing a national energy system based on clean, safe, renewable energy. 
“With this new round of investment, offshore wind could supply 25 per cent of the UK’s electricity demand.
“Boosting offshore wind power will make the UK a world leader in building a clean and prosperous low-carbon economy – we must urgently tackle the barriers that prevent wind energy from really taking off.      
“Ministers must now get the best out of this resource by rapidly developing a new offshore super grid to harness offshore wind, wave and tidal power and stabilise supply and demand by connecting us to a bigger European energy network.” 
Notes to editors
1.    Friends of the Earth is calling on UK Ministers to urgently tackle the
barriers to green energy development. The environmental campaign group is calling for:
•    An industrial strategy that ensures the development of a strong UK renewable energy manufacturing base - our only wind turbine manufacturer is considering closing two of its UK plants, putting over 600 jobs at risk, see here for more information:
•    The establishment of a green bank- to provide affordable finance to the renewable energy industry.
•    The strategic development of a new offshore super grid - to tap into our vast offshore renewable resources such as wind, waves and tide, and stabilise supply and demand by connecting us into a bigger European low-carbon energy network.
•    Investment in a new smart grid  - This would use state-of-the-art technology to balance the variable energy generated from renewable sources and intelligently manage our demand for power - as well making it easier for more of the UK's vast renewable energy potential to be plugged in to the system (and encouraging more households to become mini power stations).
•    The reform of Ofgem - tackling climate change must be the top priority for the UK energy regulator.

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