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Commenting on the announcement of Professor Brian Wynne’s resignation from the Food Standards Agency today, in protest of the FSA’s pro-GM position, Friends of the Earth’s GM campaigner Kirtana Chandrasekaran said:

“The pro-GM Labour Government was willing to waste vast sums of public money trying to bring people round to this uncertain, unpopular and ineffective technology – all at the expense of more planet-friendly farming.

“Genetically modifying food is having devastating impacts in parts of the developing world like South America, where rainforests and communities are being wiped out to make way for vast GM soy plantations that provide animal feed for UK factory farms.

“Independent research has shown there are other ways to meet the rising global demand for food that also help to tackle climate change and protect wildlife – including organic farming of meat, dairy and animal feed.

“The coalition Government must reassess their research priorities and the Food Standards Agency itself, which is clearly not fit for purpose to provide independent opinions on GM foods.”


Notes to editors:

1. Brian Wynne was Vice Chair of the FSA’s Steering Group on GM and is a leading expert on public understanding of science. He is Professor of Science Studies at Lancaster University, and Associate Director of the ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (Cesagen). His resignation letter is available at

2. Professor Wynne's resignation follows the resignation of another steering group member, Dr Helen Wallace, last week, when she revealed that one of the short-listed contractors to lead the FSA’s dialogue on GM was also engaged in 'reputation management' for the GM industry

3. More information on the FSA’s GM dialogue is available at

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