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Responding to today’s Queen’s Speech, Friends of the Earth’s Head of Campaigns Andrew Pendleton said:

“This is the latest salvo in yet another Coalition assault on our environment.

“Allowing fracking firms to drill under people’s homes without permission, and scrapping plans to make new houses more energy efficient would show a complete disregard for tackling climate change and protecting the planet.

“A plastic bag charge is simply a fig leaf to try and hide the Government’s increasingly exposed and withered green credentials.

Plastic bag charge

Commenting on proposals to introduce a plastic bag charge in England, Andrew Pendleton said:

“Charging for plastic bags is long overdue – but it’s a drop in the ocean when it comes to tackling the UK’s huge waste mountain.

“Ministers must go much further by boosting recycling and introducing a comprehensive strategy for protecting our precious resources.”

Zero-carbon homes

Commenting on Queen’s Speech plans to water down a commitment to make new homes "zero-carbon" by 2016, Friends of the Earth planning Campaigner Naomi Luhde-Thompson said:

"These short-sighted proposals will allow developers to build poorer quality homes, undermining UK efforts to tackle climate change and leaving families to pick up the bill for rising fuel costs.

"Reducing the regulation around planning and building isn't good for our communities - and completely fails to encourage and support the growing green economy."



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