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Friends of the Earth welcomed the publication of 10 renewable energy options for the Severn Estuary by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform today (July 24 2008).

Friends of the Earth Energy Campaigner and a member of the Severn Tidal Strategic Environmental Assessment  steering group, Neil Crumpton said:

“Friends of the Earth is delighted that the Government is looking at a range of options for generating clean green energy from the Severn estuary. There are some exciting tidal projects on the table which could produce as much as 10 per cent of the UK’s renewable energy 2020 target in a more cost effective way than the Severn Barrage - and without damaging the environment or threatening access to the port at Bristol. 

“The Government is currently trying to wriggle out of EU targets for green energy. If Ministers focused their efforts on developing Britain’s vast renewable energy reserves - including the Severn Estuary - instead, they could build a thriving renewable industry. This would help avoid disastrous climate change and generate billions of pounds, hundreds of thousands of jobs and a clean and a secure energy supply for the UK.”

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