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Commenting on news that French oil and gas company Total is to invest in the UK's shale gas industry, Friends of the Earth Senior Campaigner Jane Thomas said:

“It's ironic that a French-owned company is seeking to drill the UK for shale gas when it’s banned from fracking in France due to environmental concerns.

“Fracking is not the solution to our energy problems – experts say it won’t lead to cheaper energy bills and the Government admits shale gas and coal bed methane development could have significant impacts on local people and the environment.

“The best way to build an energy system that doesn’t cost the earth is to invest in a comprehensive energy efficiency programme and develop the UK’s huge renewable power potential.”


Notes to editors

  1. Total to invest in UK shale industry
  2. France's constitutional council has rejected an attempt to overturn a ban on fracking
  3. Fracking is a dirty word. The Government is threatening to puncture our green and pleasant land with countless fracking rigs in a headlong dash for gas, with little thought to local people. Shale gas is a dirty fossil fuel that contributes to climate change, and it poses serious local environmental risks such as water contamination and shortages. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it won’t lower fuel bills, and it risks taking much-needed investment away from renewables and energy saving.
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