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Releasing the power of innovation

03 Nov, 2015 (PDF) 1.38 MB

We need innovation to help address the enormous social and environmental challenges the world faces. This literature review identifies the changes needed if innovation is to contribute to social and environmental wellbeing without the negative side-effects often seen with new innovations.

Big Ideas Change The World

30 big Ideas to Change the World

02 Feb, 2017 (PDF) 839.07 KB

Over a period of 4 years Friends of the Earth Big Ideas Change the World research project investigated 10 big research areas, from the future of cities to innovation to the role of gender equality. It identified 30 Big Ideas for turning around the huge damage we are doing to ecosystems and human welfare in order to ensure good prospects for the next generation


Sustainable Diets Guidelines

21 Jan, 2016 (PDF) 1.26 MB

As a species, we use a large proportion of the planet's natural resources. A major driver of this is our food system. Global population growth and increasing demand, particularly for meat and dairy produce, looks set to make the situation more dire. In this think-piece for Friends of the Earth's Big Ideas project, Professor Tim Lang argues that guidelines for Sustainable Diets are the way forward - reducing pressure on nature and benefiting our health. 

Air Pollution

Transport, freedom of movement and fairness

28 Nov, 2016 (PDF) 536.02 KB

Being able to travel is fundamental to wellbeing. But transport also brings impacts, such as air pollution, climate change, noise and community severance. How can transport policy be reshaped to enable everyone, including disadvantaged people and communities, to travel for work, familiy and reasons of pleasure while addressing these impacts? In this think-piece for Friends of the Earth's Big Ideas Project Dr Caroline Mullen from the Institute of Transport Studies  at the University of Leeds explains how fairness can move centre-stage in transport planning.

Community solar repowering London

Grassroots innovation

18 Oct, 2016 (PDF) 504.84 KB

With climate change, biodiversity loss, soil degradation and numerous other challenges humankind has certainly dug itself into a big hole. Many of the solutions to get us out of the hole exist, but innovation is still needed. In this thinkpiece for Friends of the Earth's Big Ideas Project Professor Adrian Smith and Professor Andy Stirling explain the importance of grassroots innovation and innovation democracy for innovation that helps rather than hinders sustainablilty.