Documents tagged with "Climate Change"


Local authority pension fund divestment

02 Feb, 2017 (PDF) 786.41 KB

A briefing for campaigners wanting to persuade their council to divest its pension fund from fossil fuel companies. Gives the ethical and financial arguments for divestment, examples of other councils who are divesting, and rebuttals to common arguments against divestment.


Tackling climate change in 2017

12 Jan, 2017 (PDF) 688.67 KB

A briefing for UK parliamentarians on what the UK needs to do deliver on the Paris Climate Agreement it ratified in November 2016. It's main focus is on what should be in the new "Emissions Reduction Plan" the Government will bring in in Spring 2017.


Druridge Bay call-in letter

08 Sep, 2016 (PDF) 219.54 KB

This is a letter sent by the Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid, to Northumberland County Council on 8th September 2016, announcing that the proposed Druridge Bay opencast coal mine is to be called in for the Secretary of State's determination on climate change grounds.


Paris Agreement - Universities' responses

07 Sep, 2016 (PDF) 1.22 MB

A briefing summarising the responses from UK academic institutions to a Friends of the Earth survey asking for their responses to the December 2015 Paris Climate Agreement