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Template press release: more veg and better meat

08 Aug, 2017 (DOCX) 132.21 KB

Put together a short list of the best places to visit for a More Veg, Better Meat meal where you are, and share them with your local papers usig this template press release. In support of the SRA 'More Veg, Better Meat' month.


Brexit: hope for our agriculture?

05 Jun, 2017 (PDF) 751.74 KB

A report by Emily Diamand for Friends of the Earth on the opportunities for a more sustainable food and farming system after Brexit


Sustainable Diets Guidelines

21 Jan, 2016 (PDF) 1.26 MB

As a species, we use a large proportion of the planet's natural resources. A major driver of this is our food system. Global population growth and increasing demand, particularly for meat and dairy produce, looks set to make the situation more dire. In this think-piece for Friends of the Earth's Big Ideas project, Professor Tim Lang argues that guidelines for Sustainable Diets are the way forward - reducing pressure on nature and benefiting our health. 


Letter to David Davis re: Brexit

14 Jul, 2016 (PDF) 309.79 KB

Our joint letter to David Davis and Theresa May argues for a post-EU food and farming policy that supports nature