Documents tagged with "Green Economy"


A Green New Deal for Northern Ireland

14 Feb, 2018 (PDF) 463.67 KB

The Green New Deal for Northern Ireland is a joined up approach to the 'triple crunch' of recession, rising energy prices, and climate change.


End of term report 2016

28 Apr, 2016 (PDF) 288.22 KB

This is a report into the performance of the Northern Ireland Executive over the past 5 years.

Our leaky homes are making people ill

Report on Cold Homes and Respiratory Illness in England and Sweden

12 Mar, 2015 (PDF) 424.73 KB

This research report compares NHS statistics for cold-home related respiratory diseases in England and Sweden, and finds that hospital admissions are significantly higher in England, despite Sweden's much colder winters. The report goes on to argue that England's poor quality housing stock is likely to be a significant factor in our much higher levels of hospitalisation for respiratory conditions.