Update on our work with Octopus Energy

In Spring 2020 Friends of the Earth ceased working with Octopus Energy. Find out more.
  Published:  29 May 2020    |      1 minute read

In October 2019 Friends of the Earth began to include Octopus Energy as a recommended supplier of energy to our supporters. With its strong commitment to affordable 100% renewable electricity, we felt that Octopus could play a key role in advancing the take-up of renewable energy in Britain – a key part of ending our reliance on coal, oil and gas and tackling climate breakdown.

On 30 April, we made the difficult decision to cease working with Octopus, after it accepted investment from an Australian energy company involved in coal power generation and fracking.

The reality of working with the private sector is that it can be complicated – it's a constant balancing act to partner with responsible businesses, reach large audiences and raise funds, while not compromising our mission. Although we acknowledge that Octopus Energy is part of the largest group to invest in solar energy in the UK, the new investment is too much of a direct conflict with the vision and mission of Friends of the Earth. That's why we took the decision to end our relationship with Octopus with immediate effect.

We wish Octopus well with its continuing mission to make green energy more accessible across the UK.