It’s time for rotten Apple to come clean

Friends of the Earth has revealed that Apple is using tin that’s wrecking the environment – but refusing to admit this to customers.

Since November 2012 over 24,000 of you have asked Apple whether it uses tin from Bangka Island, Indonesia. This tin has been linked to the destruction of tropical forests, coral reefs and fishermen’s livelihoods.

Your pressure helped persuade Apple to set up a new industry group discussing how to tackle the problems on Bangka.

This is a welcome first step. But Apple is still refusing to publicly come clean about where the tin in its smartphones is from.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise this is unacceptable.

We believe Apple customers care about the environmental and social costs of how their devices are made. With this rotten refusal to tell them the truth Apple is risking its reputation for high standards.

Craig Bennett, Director of Policy and Campaigns

Apple’s tin price tag

We’re keeping up the pressure on Apple. We’ve written to Apple CEO, Tim Cook. And we've visited Apple stores around the country.

Friends of the Earth Local Groups and Young Friends of the Earth activists went undercover to raise awareness among customers. Our activists left a trail of tags attached to Apple products asking if they contained tin from Bangka.



Following pressure from over 15,000 customers, Apple’s rival Samsung, has already publicly admitted it uses tin from Bangka’s mines and pledged action

We think it’s time for Apple to follow its example. Ask Apple to come clean about its supply chains.