Searching for a better cup of tea

We love a cup of tea – in fact, in the UK we drink 165 million cups a day. That's a lot of tea.

But like many of the products we love, the way that tea is produced can be harmful to people and the environment.

It’s not nice to think that your cup of tea – in your favourite mug, made just how you like it – might have been picked by a child labourer. Or by a poorly-paid mother, starving herself in order to feed her children.

Neither should your brew be responsible for the destruction of rainforests, the poisoning of elephants and the dwindling numbers of Lion Tailed Macaques.

We love tea, but we want to be able to love the way it’s made too.

The Make It Better campaign called for a strong EU law to make sure companies come clean about the true cost of production.

Find out more about the impacts of your cup of tea – and how we can make it better.