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About Us

group banner held aloft by 4 of our members 

Welcome to Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth, a very active group that is making a big impact in our local area! We meet every month to plan our campaigns, and we also have a social event once a month at a wonderful community cafe. We have great links with other environmental and green community groups within Eastbourne, and very good relationships with the local council. Eastbourne is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and we aim to keep it that way! 

If you wish to be part of our friendly team, we'd love to have you on board! The group is open to everyone and all levels of knowledge and experience are welcome. There's plenty of ways in which you can become involved, to whatever degree you wish. Please drop us an email and find out how you can get involved, or just to stay informed about our activities. Or visit our Links page to stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter, our blog and our own custom-made website.

Please have a look at the Community website to find out the types of things Friends of the Earth groups get up to.