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Collective action will help solve the climate crisis

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Prevent mass extinction

One million species are at risk of extinction globally, including a quarter of mammals here in the UK.

We need our government to do all it can to protect our natural world from disaster, yet politicians look set to rip up the rules designed to protect it.

We urgently need to speak up before it’s too late.

COVID-19 recovery plan

We're facing uncertain and stressful times with the COVID-19 pandemic, and as with climate breakdown, the most vulnerable are hit the hardest.

Our focus ahead of government's autumn spending review is to campaign for a recovery plan that has human rights and human dignity at its core.

More than 40,000 of you have joined our call for a green and fair recovery that prioritises health, wellbeing and a fairer economic system for all.  Will you join them? 

Does your neighbourhood have enough green space?

Our green spaces became more important than ever during lockdown, providing people with much-needed time outdoors. But access to these precious places is unequal, particularly for poorer communities and black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

Despite the well-publicised benefits of good quality green space (both to our health and wellbeing and to the planet), almost 11 million of us in England live in areas with limited access. We've analysed data and uncovered the neighbourhoods that fare worse.

Is your neighbourhood one of the unlucky ones?

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