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Collective action will help solve the climate crisis

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We're facing uncertain and stressful times with the COVID-19 pandemic, and as with most crises, the most vulnerable are hit the hardest.

We'll continue to fight for a fair and sustainable future for people and planet, and campaign for a recovery from the pandemic that has human rights and human dignity at its core.

And we'll also try to support you as best we can, from highlighting safe ways to connect online with your community or local group, to recommendations on books and films if you find yourself with more time on your hands.

This week Head of Policy Mike Childs explains why social justice must be at the heart of COVID-19 recovery plans.

Bee Saver Kit

Give nature a boost and order yourself a Bee Saver Kit.

Bees are an indicator of a healthy environment, and pollinate much of the food that we eat. Yet 35 UK bees species are under threat of extinction, and all species face serious threats.

Buy your kit today and help fight their decline. The kit includes wildflower seeds, identification guides and a planner to help you create a bee-friendly space all year round.

Toxic trade deals

Trade deals don't just impact the economy. They can impact human rights, animal rights and the climate and ecological crises. 

Donald Trump wants to do a toxic trade deal with the UK. Trying to do a deal with him during a pandemic is a big risk for people and the planet. 

Sign on to the open letter to stop Trump rushing through a dirty deal.

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