Honey Bee collecting pollen from an oilseed rape flowers

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Join the Great British Bee Count

17 May – 30 June 2018

Don't let them force fracking on us

The government is proposing new rules that could make exploratory drilling as easy as putting up a garden shed.

Local people would no longer have a say.

Please sign our petition to stop the government from forcing fracking on communities.

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Let's help bees this summer

Get involved in our big bee survey and learn more about helping bees.

Download our free app to join  in the survey until 30 June, and discover easy ways to make a real difference. Verified sightings will help experts learn more about how wild bees are faring.

The app includes a handy bee identification guide, inspiration for bee-friendly planting, and simple tips for creating pollinator-friendly habitats where you live.

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