Five huge campaign wins that show people power works

  Published:  03 Nov 2023     |       2 minute read
Tired of watching non-stop climate doom news? We get it. It can sometimes feel like we’re not making any progress. But this simply isn’t the case. Our work together as a movement is creating lasting change for the planet and future generations. Here are some recent Friends of the Earth campaign wins that show people power in action.

50 tips to save money on your energy bills

  Published:  21 Nov 2022     |       8 minute read
The cost of living is at its highest level in a decade. Combined with the energy crisis, our energy bills have taken a sharp, unsustainable increase. We’ve collated 50 of the best energy-saving tips to help you save money on gas and electricity and make your home more energy efficient.

What's insulation and can it save me money?

  Published:  18 Aug 2022     |       3 minute read
Insulation may not be the sexiest topic, but with rising energy bills it’s worth brushing up on your knowledge and finding out whether it could benefit your home. Climate Campaigner Connor Schwartz answers your questions.