Fossil free future No more oil, gas or coal

We're in a climate crisis, and we need to reduce our carbon emissions. It's clear that new fossil fuel developments, including extracting new oil, coal and gas that'll add more emissions to the atmosphere, aren't compatible with tackling climate change. And keeping us reliant on oil and gas won't boost energy security or our reduce bills.

We're fighting planned new coal, oil and gas developments across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We're standing alongside local communities, and together we're taking cases to court to challenge the approval of these new fossil fuel projects.

Fossil fuel sites map

We've mapped out the fossil fuel sites across England and Wales. 92 active oil and gas sites, with 279 operating wells between them, and 3 opencast coal mines.

Astonishingly there are 19 sites planning new activity. Bringing more oil, gas and coal out of the ground. This is totally incompatible with the UK's climate targets. We're fighting with local communities to challenge some of these decisions in court.

Communities fighting back

The climate crisis is a global issue, but drilling and mining for fossil fuels is happening within local communities - and that's where the fightback starts.

Meet the community groups saying no to dirty fossil fuels on their doorstep. We're standing with these groups, taking local campaigns to the highest courts. We've seen communities celebrate the shutdown of fossil fuel sites, and now we're waiting for the courts to decide if the full climate impact should be considered when these developments are decided.