System change Put people and planet first

The social, political and economic systems we live under impact every aspect of our lives. For centuries, these systems have fuelled the climate and ecological crisis and entrenched injustice and inequality.

We need to use the tools at our disposal to change systems so they benefit both people and planet.

That means understanding our democratic right to challenge decisions that affect our local community. Protesting deals that put our environment at risk. And lobbying our government to act in the best interest of people and planet. 

Get involved in the planning system

We all know that voting in local and national elections is a key way to influence what happens in your local area. But elections only fall every few years.

How can you influence decisions the rest of the time?

Our guide explains how to influence decisions in your area, from requesting information from your local and national decision-makers, to objecting to new building developments in your community.

Large group of people in hall cheering at outcome of Nant Llesg coalmine planning decision


The 2020 anti-racism protests in the US, UK and across the world serve as a sad reminder of continuing global inequalities. 

A lot of the focus of protests has been on police brutality, but every sector is complicit in historic positive bias towards white people – including the environment movement.

While we've always fought to protect people and planet, we need to maximise our campaigning power to be better allies to people of colour. 

Protestors at a Black Lives Matter event