Planet over Profit End exploitation by big business

Our world's natural resources are being exploited to make countless everyday products, from chicken produced by soy-fed animals to soaps made with palm oil. Many companies involved in these global supply chains are wreaking havoc on our planet’s life support systems.

And this environmental destruction comes hand in hand with human rights abuses, particularly for people in poorer countries. These communities bear the brunt of deforestation, land grabbing and displacement, while global corporations reap the profits.

While many of us are conscious about the choices we make, shady practices from businesses behaving badly make it hard to see the impact of what we buy. But they must be held accountable for any damage they cause.

That’s why, together with the Corporate Justice Coalition, we're part of the Good Business Matters campaign, calling for a new UK law that requires companies to avoid harm to people and planet in their supply chains.

Public support for a new law