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Who we are and how we're run

We're committed to

  • Each generation enjoying an environment that’s getting better; a safer climate, abundant nature, healthy air, water and food.
  • A growing and diverse network of people coming together to transform our environment into one which is flourishing, sustainable, and socially just.
  • A peaceful and sustainable world based on societies living in harmony with nature.
  • Our staff, our wider network and the work we do must be free from discrimination and harassment.
Friends of the Earth's legal team stand outside the Royal Courts of Justice holding placards calling for a better climate plan from government

Friends of the Earth is a company and a charity

Friends of the Earth Limited is a not-for-profit limited company limited by guarantee, company number 1012357.

We own the Friends of the Earth trademark and grant local action groups a licence to campaign under our name.

We're known as Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and have teams that work in Wales and in Northern Ireland. We also have a sister organisation in Scotland.

A substantial part of the funding for our charitable campaigning comes from our sister organisation Friends of the Earth Charitable Trust, which is a registered charity, No. 281681.

The charity works to raise funds and provide grants to organisations whose activities further its charitable objectives. It's regulated by the Charity Commission and registered with Companies House. 


Stylised 3D Friends of the Earth logo in front of a foggy hillside

Meet our team

We're led by our Senior Leadership Team

  • Eleanor Bullimore, Director of Engagement
  • Kathryn Holloway, Director of Income Generation
  • Clare Lyons, Director of Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns
  • Justin Parfitt, Director of Finance and Operations

We're governed by our Board of Non-Executive Directors

We're governed by a Board of Non-Executive Directors. They're responsible for the overall strategic direction and oversight of the organisation, ensuring regulatory compliance, monitoring and evaluating risks, and approval of the annual budget and audited accounts. 

We're proud that our Board has won Conservation and Environment Board of the Year at the Board Awards, for the biggest impact on diversity and inclusion within environmental conservation.

For our Memorandum and Articles of Association, please see our filing history with Companies House.