Illustration of people holding up a wind turbine and planting a tree

Imagining Tomorrow podcast

About the podcast

Imagining Tomorrow is a podcast about climate hope. 

It shows how we can create a future that is good for people and for nature, based on innovations in technology and community action that are already having a positive impact.

Join award-winning podcaster and author Emma Newman as she pieces together the roadmap to utopia by interviewing amazing inventors, communities and award-winning science fiction authors.

Illustration of people holding up a wind turbine and planting a tree

Emma Newman, podcast host

Emma Newman is an award-winning writer, podcaster and audio book narrator. 

She specialises in science fiction and fantasy, and her award nominations include the British Fantasy Award for "Between Two Thorns" in 2014 and the Arthur C. Clarke Award for "After Atlas" in 2017. Her "Planetfall" series was nominated for the 2020 Hugo Award for Best Series.

Emma is based in the UK and enjoys dressmaking and painting in her spare time. You can subscribe to Emma's newsletter and find out more about her work on her website.

A black and white portrait photo of writer and podcaster Emma Newman

How to Save the Planet

In 2019, Friends of the Earth launched an in-house podcast called "How to Save the Planet". 

The episodes covered topics like campaigns against fossil fuels, lifestyle choices and community activism, and featured staff members as well as guests from a range of backgrounds, such as local campaigners, MPs and journalists. 

The podcast came to an end in 2021, but you can still listen to old episodes on our website.

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