3 fluffy ducklings and their mother stand on grass in front of a pond, tilting their heads to the sky

Podcast episode 5: Monitoring, rescuing, cleansing

Join presenter Emma Newman for episode 5 of the "Imagining Tomorrow" podcast as she tells the curious tale of a nesting duck in Salford Quays, and what it might mean for the future of our waterways.
  Published:  05 Apr 2024    |      1 minute read

Episode description

One day, a man in Salford Quays awoke to find a duck nesting on his balcony, 150 ft above the water. Once born, her ducklings had to be lowered down in a bucket. With over 20 acres of water at her disposal, why did that mother duck decide to nest there? And why did thousands of fish in the same location die overnight?

Inspired by talking to the duckling rescuer, the inventor of cutting-edge water monitoring equipment, and an award-winning science fiction author, Emma Newman imagines a future where communities help to keep waterways across the UK clean enough to swim in thanks to a nifty monitoring system.

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