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Episode 8: Mapping, restoring, regenerating

Listen to episode 8 of the "Imagining Tomorrow" podcast with presenter Emma Newman about how increasing tree cover in the UK could help cool our cities and benefit communities.
  Published:  10 Jul 2024    |      1 minute read

Episode description

Recent council decisions to cut down trees in Sheffield and Plymouth have prompted outcry from local residents and demonstrated how passionate we can be about preserving trees in urban environments. Research carried out on behalf of Friends of the Earth shows the dramatic impact trees have on bringing down temperatures in urban areas, and calls to increase our woeful tree cover in the UK are gathering momentum. 

Inspired by conversations with the CEO of one of the most ambitious rewilding projects in the UK, and a data scientist who specialises in the interpretation of mapping data, Emma Newman imagines a future where trees are valued more in both rural and urban environments and reflects on how that could benefit people and planet. 

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