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Episode 2: Growing, Feeding, Nurturing

Listen to episode 2 of the "Imagining Tomorrow" podcast with presenter Emma Newman and access the show notes for the episode, titled "Growing, Feeding, Nurturing".
  Published:  04 Jan 2024    |      1 minute read

Episode description

Over the past couple of years, extreme weather events, the energy crisis and Brexit have put a visible strain on the UK’s food supply chain and increased prices for the consumer.

What if we increased the amount of food that we grow in cities, and thus increased biodiversity and reduced food miles?

Inspired by talking to a community gardens group in Reading, a horticultural engineer who has co-founded a vertical farm in London and an award-winning author and screenwriter, Emma Newman imagines a future in which communities grow so much food together on their doorstep that the UK no longer needs to import fresh fruit and veg...

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In episode 2 we heard from:

The quote from Safia about her experience of growing food at Aisha Mosque garden was taken from this video and used with the kind permission of Andrea Berardi from COBRA Collective.

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