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Lambeth Friends of the Earth

Lambeth Friends of the Earth aims to help local individuals and groups with an interest in environmental activism to meet and work together. It’s our members who decide on the local, regional and global issues we tackle.

Our campaigns

We work on a range on issues, including climate change, air pollution and single-use plastics.

Get involved

We meet every month and are always keen to start new actions and coordinate with other local groups. We're always happy to welcome new people, so come along and contribute as much as you want. Campaigning takes many forms and there’s a place for everyone, whether you want to talk to members of the public and politicians, write blog posts, or help with organising behind the scenes.

Get in touch

Find out how you can get involved locally

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Lambeth Friends of the Earth is a licenced local group of Friends of the Earth England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

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