The environment is at grave risk – which protections are under threat?

  Published:  09 Feb 2023     |       Last updated:  27 Jun 2023     |       5 minute read
Our rivers and seas are full of sewage but instead of cleaning them up, the UK government want to unravel the rules that protect the environment. If we want safeguard people and nature, we need to keep these legal protections in place. Find out what’s at risk.

How to grow bee-friendly wildflowers

  Published:  12 Sep 2022     |       2 minute read
Bees are vital for biodiversity and a healthy environment, but they’re currently under threat. Find out how to plant wildflower seeds to make more space for nature and support these important pollinators.

10 easy ways to help bees

  Published:  30 Mar 2020     |       4 minute read
Create a haven for bees and pollinators and give nature a helping hand. From growing the right plants to avoiding pesticides, try these easy tips.

The neonics ban – protecting bees from pesticides

  Published:  26 Sep 2018     |       Last updated:  18 Dec 2018     |       5 minute read     |         |     Celeste Hicks
A ban on 3 bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides for all outdoor crops took effect in 2018. But the UK government has given emergency authorisation to farmers to use one of the pesticides. Read the latest.

Bee surveys - record bees and help science

  Published:  02 Jul 2018     |       Last updated:  15 Mar 2024     |       1 minute read
Bee surveys for beginners up to experts. Your bee sightings will help scientists get a better understanding of the numbers and species that we need to protect.