Life after lockdown: how to make green space accessible to all

Published:  20 Apr 2020    |      4 minute read
Access to nature is important to our physical and mental wellbeing. But the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how many people – particularly in urban areas – are robbed of important green space. Paul de Zylva explains how we can make our neighbourhoods cleaner, greener and healthier for all.

Beth Collier: is nature accessible for everyone?

Published:  01 Oct 2019    |      2 minute read
Nature – whether it's a sprawling forest or an urban park – can be of great comfort during unsettling times. And it should be accessible to everyone. This article is taken from a speech given by psychotherapist Beth Collier at the Garden Museum, London in Summer 2019.

Friends of the Earth sparks moorland burning investigation

Published:  24 Feb 2019    |      Last updated:  29 Oct 2019    |      4 minute read
Following our 2018-2019 investigation into landowners breaking voluntary agreements to stop burning their moors for grouse shooting, the UK government pledged to ban moorland burning on blanket bog. Guy Shrubsole and Alasdair Cameron share their initial report.