Best beach in the UK for 2024

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The nicest beaches in the UK are also some of the busiest. But we've discovered a hidden gem for beachgoers this year...
  Published:  14 May 2024    |      1 minute read

As the weather heats up, Friends of the Earth’s beach experts have been out searching for England's best beach destination and found an absolute gem that’s sure to be a hit with the tourists.

Sh*t Beach is located in the seaside town of Looville.* Like many other coastal towns, the smell of sewage is thick in the air. But rather than closing for the season, Sh*t Beach is embracing the excrement by offering new tourist attractions.

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The town mayor opened the new tourist attraction in May 2024, and all of the town's residents hope that novelty rides like the log flume, dodgems, and rent-a-bog will draw punters from near and far.

Kiosk owner Barry Longbottom says: "We’re making a killing at the kiosk – not as much as the water company guys, but decent enough. Masks, gels, you name it."

Resident Sue Wedge says: "I really like it. They’ve got all these new attractions, and you can still do things like rock pooling."


*Sh*t Beach and Looville are fictitious places, but sewage-filled waters are sadly a reality. More than 440,000 hours of sewage was released along England's coastline in 2023 alone. Friends of the Earth is campaigning for a new law that could help hold polluters to account. Show your support.

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