Our commitment to diversity

Friends of the Earth is fully committed to championing and embracing all forms of diversity.
29 Sep 2017     |       2 minute read

We believe it to be fundamental to a successful future – for the impact we achieve as a movement and therefore the wellbeing of our planet. 

We have always sought to be open to all in society and for all to have a fair say in our work. 

We firmly believe that we need to involve a far more diverse range of people in our movement so that we can achieve our vision of a fairer world where people and nature thrive.

We wish to benefit from the range of experiences and perspectives that diversity brings. This will mean we make better decisions and our campaigns can have more impact and be more relevant to all areas of society.

By 2020 our target is to ensure all areas of our movement – including our Board, staff and volunteers, community activists and national supporters – reflect the gender and ethnic diversity of the UK.

Over this period we will also take steps to welcome more people from other under-represented groups. 

While this target may be challenging, we are confident we can achieve it. And we're convinced that it is necessary to do so. 

We look forward to this exciting new chapter in our proud history.