Climate action groups

Climate Action groups

What are Climate Action groups?

Climate Action groups are the local solution to a global crisis. They're made up of people like you, harnessing community power together to make our neighbourhoods more climate friendly, greener and safer for all.

Our groups’ main aim is to convince local decision-makers to rollout ambitious Climate Action Plans. They also come together at key moments like elections and climate talks to push the government to take national and international climate action.

We know this approach works: together with our groups we’ve secured some big wins, like 75% of newly elected metro mayors taking a pledge to adopt Climate Action Plans and create green jobs.

Climate Action groups always welcome new people with a desire to do something for the climate and a bit of spare time. You can do as much or as little as you want, and you’ll be offered lots of support and training opportunities to be able to make a difference.

A climate action group

How do I find a group in my area?

There are roughly 250 Climate Action groups in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, from Highbury to Hotwells.

Joining a Climate Action group is easy. Just type in your postcode on our interactive map, click on the group nearest you and follow the instructions.

If there isn't a group in your area, why not start one yourself? We'll help you set up your new group and run a kick-off event, be it online or in a safe local space.

And if you live in Scotland, you have your very own Friends of the Earth network. Head over  and see what they’re up to.

A climate action group

What do groups do?

To deliver meaningful change, we need people of all backgrounds and ages to come together to take action in their communities.

And there are so many ways you can make a difference. In Newcastle, they've petitioned the government for safe cycling. In Nottingham they're working on plans to plant an orchard at Nottingham College. And in Darlington the group are campaigning to save a woodland from developers.

Find out how your area can become more climate friendly with our data tool, Near Me. After all, big change starts small.

Croydon Climate Action group give Climate Action Plan to Croydon council

Why do we need community groups?

We can only achieve long-term, systemic change if we use the power of our own communities to put pressure on the UK government.

Climate Action groups run their own local campaigns to convince their councils to turn political promises into concrete action by adopting Climate Action Plans.

And, as more and more communities and councils take climate action across the UK, pressure will mount on the national government to do the same.

Croydon Climate Action group give Climate Action Plan to Croydon council

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