Gender pay gap at Friends of the Earth

At Friends of the Earth, we're striving hard to ensure the rights of all our employees are upheld. That includes monitoring the gender pay gap, taking measures to address any discrepancies and being transparent with our supporters.
  Published:  01 Dec 2020    |      1 minute read

The gender pay gap is the "percentage difference between average hourly earnings for men and women." It's not the same as equal pay, which is a legal requirement that men and women are paid the same for doing the same or similar work.

There are two calculations of the gender pay gap based on two different ways of calculating averages: median and mean.

Information on our gender pay gay as of 30 June 2020 can be found below.

Median gender pay gap

The median gender pay gap (the middle value of hourly rates) for all Friends of the Earth staff was 3.16% in favour of women. For full-time staff the gap was 3.15% and for part-time staff it was 11.97%, both in favour of women. 

FoE 2019-20 median gender pay gap

Mean gender pay gap

The mean gender pay gap (the average hourly rate) for all staff was 0.08% in favour of men. 

Salary quartile

The proportion of men and women across the four salary quartiles is as follows:

FoE gender quartiles

Friends of the Earth does not award bonuses.