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Our partner Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank is a pioneer in sustainable banking.

It uses the power of finance to support projects that benefit people and the planet – transforming banking into a force for good. It serves individuals and communities, as well as building a more sustainable society.

Friends of the Earth has worked in partnership with Triodos Bank since 2007. Together we help to challenge the conventional way that banking is done, moving the industry – and the world – towards a more transparent and sustainable future.

By becoming a Triodos customer you’ll be helping to build a movement that’s cultivating positive social, environmental and cultural change.

Your money can tell a different story, a brighter story for our future.

Open a Triodos Bank Current Account and they'll donate £60 to Friends of the Earth once your balance reaches £100.

Eligibility, T&Cs and £3 monthly fee apply.

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For me, it’s really important to bank responsibly. Having an ISA with Triodos Bank means I can trust that my money is not only growing for me, but it’s doing some good for the planet. That should mean something to everyone.

Sue Gibson, Triodos ISA customer

*Terms and conditions apply.

Visit Triodos Bank to find out more. Interest rates may change. Tax savings depend on circumstances. One donation per new customer.

With thanks to Triodos Bank for the windfarm footage.