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Our partner Ethical Consumer magazine

Discover which brands share your values

For nearly 30 years, Ethical Consumer has been the UK’s leading environmental and ethical consumer magazine. Now you can subscribe and it will make a £10 donation to Friends of the Earth.

Its pioneering research and product guides are based on a sophisticated ethical rating system of over 40,000 companies, brands and product. Every issue helps you spend your money according to the issues you care about – including animal welfare, environment, people, politics, sustainability.

Personalised product guides

By subscribing, you can customise around 130 product guides to reflect issues that matter to you – from animal testing to climate change. Access detailed product, brand and company information, plus hundreds of detailed research downloads.

“A mind-boggling thoroughness and integrity that makes everyone else look like a charlatan.” Lucy Siegle, the Observer

What will I get?

Subscription to Ethical Consumer includes:

  • 6 issues per year - printed magazine, and/or a digital book version and digital download.

  • Detailed ethical ratings of over 40,000 companies, brands and products.

  • Fully customisable scorecards, according to your concerns and personal ethics.

  • Magazine back catalogue as digital downloads.

  • Email newsletter and full access to the forums.

How do I subscribe?

Choose either digital-only subscription, or get the printed magazine delivered to your door, for £29.95 per year.

To ensure Friends of the Earth receives the £10 donation, please enter  foeoffer  in the "Where did you hear about us?" field when you subscribe.