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Test the air where you live...

Keep it in the fridge

The kit includes…

1. Air monitoring tube

Air monitoring tube, fixings and equipment

3. Air pollution guide

Handy information on how to tackle air pollution

2. Instructions

All you need to know to get started

4. Practical next steps

How you can get more involved with our campaign

Please note that Clean Air Kits are only available in the UK. 


Why should you do this?

Air pollution is one of the biggest killers in the UK - and children are some of the hardest hit


photo of motorway traffic jam
When it comes to air pollution, road traffic is the biggest problem - and diesel is the worst of all.
aerial photo suburb
See your results on our air pollution map - and compare with others across the UK.
Clean air kit measurement tubes
By taking part in our groundbreaking nationwide experiment on air pollution, you'll pile on the pressure to ditch diesel. 

How it works

Order one of our kits

Donate to take part in our big air pollution survey. Til you're ready to install, keep it in the fridge.

Choose your spot

Pick a place you're most interested in monitoring - your street, your child's school ...

Install your tube to measure NO2

Keep it up for two weeks.

Post it back to us

We'll supply you with all the equipment you need to send us your tube for analysis.

We’ll send you your results

We'll explain how to read your results - and you'll see them on our air pollution map.

Get involved

We'll let you know what you can do next to tackle air pollution.