Sunderland flooding

Flooding and our campaign for better flood defences

Flooding in the UK

Climate change will make flooding in the UK worse. It's already a huge problem. In winter 2015 we saw record-breaking rainfall and devastating floods hit the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, leaving communities across the UK struggling to cope. Friends of the Earth is calling for greater protection against future floods. Visit our flood map to see where homes are most at risk of flooding and the size of the threat where you are.

Our flood campaign

We're calling on the government to defend the UK from floods and extreme weather. They must:

  • Invest more in flood defences, both natural and man-made.
  • Tackle climate change at root – stop burning fossil fuels and power up with clean energy.
  • Produce a new National Climate Resilience Plan

Because of our campaign, the government has pledged £15 million for natural flood defences.

When the 2015 floods hit

"I got most of my possessions upstairs with the help of my mum; it was pretty frightening but I got out before the water got in the house, which was flooded up to a couple of feet."

Help in a flood

Are you concerned about the risk of flooding in your area? Or need help during or after a flood?

The UK government website has information on how to get help during a flood, preparing for a flood and what to do after a flood.