Cuadrilla fracking site near Southport Lancashire

Fracking and permitted development

The government seems intent on giving the failing fracking industry an unfair advantage over local people.

It wants to change the rules so that fracking companies can drill at will – without the need to apply for planning permission.

The proposals would bring drilling under 'permitted development' – a category designed for minor home improvements like putting up a garden shed, not major drilling infrastructure.

Underhand move? Local people and councils have rejected the overtures of the industry wherever it's tried to drag its drills. But under these changes, fracking companies could start puncturing the land without local support.

This seems unfair. Should communities be sidelined on decisions that affect their local environment?

Don't let the government force fracking on us

Fracking has very little public support. Whereas renewable technologies like solar power are popular. That's no surprise. Switching to clean energy will improve our health and environment. Fracking contributes to climate change and poses risks to groundwater.

This is the government's last-ditch attempt to force fracking on us all. Let's make sure it fails.

A graphic showing a line of fracking drills disappearing into the distance with the message "Let communities decide".

What's happening?